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Tanning Services

FourSesons offers 3 levels of sunbeds as well as airbrush tanning options. Consult a FourSeasons tanning professional to discover what will work best for your skin type and tanning goals.

Sunbed Tanning


Level 1

Level 1 tanning beds offer low pressure bulbs with a higher production of UVB. These beds will stimulate production of your skins natural pigment (melanin) bringing color to the surface of your skin. Level one beds are a great option tanners looking to maintain a tan or tanners seeking a base tan.

  • Utilizes 30 120W bulbs
  • No facial tanners

Level 2

Level 2 tanning beds offer low pressure bulbs that emit a higher level of UVB production similar to a level one bed. Level two beds are great for beginning tanners looking to maintain a base tan coming 3-4 times a week.

  • Utilizes 35 120W bulbs
  • 3 facial tanners

Level 3

Level 3 tanning beds feature lower amounts of UVB rays (sometimes removing up to 99%), with an increase in UVA rays in comparison to lower Level beds. So not only are your tan times shorter, but you only need to visit the salon a few times a month, as opposed to a few times a week with a lower level... and your tan is richer, lasting longer than with a lower level.

  • Utilizes 50 160W bulbs
  • 6 Facial Tanners

Airbrush Tanning

spray tan

Four Seasons tanning is a one of kind experience. The all natural process of spray tanning gives you the perfect sunless glow. The solution contains DHA (DHA is derived from a vegetable source like beets or sugar cane). Four Seasons unique formula and customized application process ensures a smooth and even tan without orange tinting or streaking. Book your appointment today and let our professional staff provide you with an amazing tanning experience.